Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens once I submit my event? Once submitted, your event will then await approval prior to appearing on the website. In most cases approval is given within 24 hours. Why is there an approval process? We check each submission to prevent spam entries and provide you with accurate calendars. Why is it that the event details I entered have been edited? We occasionally edit entries to help them fit the limited space available and formatting style of the site. If we have edited your entry and it is not quite right, please contact us and we'll be happy to fix it up. I have found incorrect information about an event. How can this be fixed? Report ErrorEach event has a 'Report Error' icon next to it. If you click one of these icons, a little window will appear asking you to enter details of the error. We really appreciate your feedback and assistance in helping keep Eventlist calendars accurate. Is there a limit to how many events I can add? Add as many events as you like. If you find some details change later down the track, simply contact us with the required changes.