2XU Triathlon Series - Race 5

This event has already taken place. Check back soon for an update.
Date: 17 March 2019
Location: Portarlington, VIC
Distance/s: 800/26/8 and shorter options
Website: Visit website

2XU Triathlon Series - Race 5Race five of the 2018/19 2XU Triathlon Series (formerly known as the Gatorade Triathlon Series) will be held at Portarlington.

This event is one of Australia's longest running triathlons, having been held at Portarlington over a unique distance (800m/26km/8km).

Shorter options include the Fun Tri (300m/10km/3km) and Tri Kids (100m/3km/500m).


2018 - Sprint

Mitchell Kibby01:20:06
Leigh Anderson-Voigt01:20:18
Nathan Buschkuehl01:21:54
Tamsyn Moana-Veale01:29:31
Kate Bramley01:34:21
Emma Hogan01:34:59
Jack Felix01:21:57
Peter Kerr01:22:50
Jr Creekmore01:23:57
Zoe Adams01:34:01
Laura Armstrong01:34:14
Esther Barker01:34:35
Peter Kerr01:19:44
Nathan Buschkuehl01:19:56
Chris Owens01:20:31
Ellie Salthouse01:27:15
Grace Thek01:29:11
Samantha Bennett01:31:09

2015 - Race 4 - Portarlington

Ryan Fisher01:17:29
Jamie Huggett01:18:06
Mitchell Kibby01:18:35
Priscilla Barrington01:31:38
Zoe Ferguson01:32:17
Grace Thek01:32:34
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