8848 Royal National Park Sydney Everest Cycle

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Date: 10 September 2016
Location: Garie Beach, Royal National Park Sydney, NSW
Distance/s: 235km
Website: Visit website

8848 Royal National Park Sydney Everest CycleChallenge yourself (or in teams) to cycle the height of Mt Everest 8,848m at Garie Beach, Sydney.

Who: Teams and solo
Time: 24 hours
Laps: 44
Distance: 235km
Elevation: 8,848m
Average gradient: 7%

This unique 24hr event offers you unparalleled support and assistance to reach the summit. Base Camp at Garie Beach is transformed into a Himalayan mountain village, where we will make sure you have somewhere comfortable to sleep, great food, great coffee, entertainment and a whole lot of fun. The 2.5 km climb to the summit is a floodlit, car-free, well paved road with spectacular views and great climbing.

Cycle solo or in a team on this Himalayan adventure as together we Ride Everest Outride Cancer!


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