Afterglow Trail Run

This event has already taken place. Check back soon for an update.
Date: 24 November 2018
Location: Torquay, VIC
Distance/s: 21km and 12km
Website: Visit website

Afterglow Trail RunThe Afterglow Trail Run is a 21km or 12km trail run finishing in Torquay and including the iconic Bells Beach.

The 21km run course begins at Point Addis and finishes at Torquay while the 12km course starts at the famous Bells Beach and finishes in Torquay.

All runners follow the iconic Surfcoast Walk trail and will start in the light and finish in the dark.

There will be plenty of entertainment along the way and it will have a great family atmosphere.


Andrew Barnett01:24:46
Thomas Allan01:26:25
Jake Allan01:28:30
Gretha Lombaad01:37:05
Sarah Kelland01:47:08
Angela Walker01:51:59
Daniel Thompson01:28:30
Ben Griffin01:30:21
Adam Murphy01:30:24
Renee Lane01:34:20
Danni Rogan01:37:58
Michelle Harris01:41:52
Francesco Ciancio01:23:40
Steven Page01:29:40
David Lipman01:31:54
Renee Lane01:36:34
Loretta McGrath01:42:19
Wendy Mcalpine01:42:49
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