Australian Alpine Ascent Triathlon

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Date: 10 March 2018
Location: Jindabyne, NSW
Distance/s: 3/130/30 and shorter options
Website: Visit website

Australian Alpine Ascent TriathlonThe Australian Alpine Ascent (AAA) Triathlon Festival is a two day event based in Jindabyne designed to be the world’s most gruelling set of single day challenges held within daylight hours.

From the initial swim locations of either Lake Crackenback or Lake Jindabyne (both at altitude) you will transition onto the cycle which will see you reach heights up to 1964m before throwing on your shoes for a run which will be a combination of road and trail tracks.

You’ll cross through locations like Dead Horse Gap, Smiggen Holes, Charlotte's Pass, and the Thredbo Village Green. The course is brutal but beautiful, and the courses have been designed to showcase the very best of the Snowy Mountains along the way.

The festival is expected to attract a world-class group of endurance athletes who will take triathlon to a new height in Australia.


2018 - AAA Solo

Sean Ralph06:41:36
Jamie Edwards07:00:51
Brian Black07:39:10
Tracy Morrison07:31:59
Naomi Wood08:40:29
Sheryl Rotondo08:43:32

2017 - AAA Solo

Johan Borg07:27:03
Oskar Booth07:43:26
Tim Boote08:06:15
Katy Duffield08:18:27
Chloe Lane08:39:25
Shelley Scholten09:14:14
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