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DATE: 24 Mar 2024
TYPE: Running
DISTANCE: 100km, 42km, 20km & 10km

The Buffalo Stampede festival spans three days from the 22nd to 24th March, 2024 and offers more than 1,600 runners a range of events to participate in.

Race distances range from the epic 100km Bright Ultra SkyMarathon all the way down to the 2km Junior Dash – there is a challenge for everybody, making this a wonderful family getaway.

There's the Bright Ultra 100km race in either solo or team format, taking in the highest point of Mount Buffalo – an ultimate achievement.

There are also stage race options incorporating three different distances over the course of the weekend – the ultimate way to test the boundaries of your endurance.

Shorter options include the 42km Skymarathon, 20km Skyrun and 10km Twilight Skysprint, along with a 5km family trail run and a 2km junior trail run. Please note some events take place on the Friday and Saturday.




2024 - 100km (View full results)

Oowan Davies11:17:03
Tyla Windham11:57:57
Jarrod Owen12:05:10
Cecilia Mattas13:11:42
Allie Corripio13:41:14
Kim Van Kalken14:09:55

2018 - 75km (View full results)

Martin Kern08:55:02
Ryan Lowe09:45:14
Ross Hopkins09:56:50
Lucy Bartholomew10:37:19
Christine Hopkins11:44:10
Maureen Stachowicz12:03:54

2017 - 42km (View full results)

Vajin Armstrong04:03:04
David Byrne04:10:16
Thomas Brazier04:12:24
Kellie Emmerson04:36:33
Lucy Bartholomew04:46:44
Maeve Kennedy05:05:58

2017 - 75km (View full results)

Sam McCutcheon08:22:23
Clark McClymont09:02:22
Mathieu Dore09:04:53
Christine Hopkins11:29:34
Katherine McKean11:36:41
Delina Rahmate11:59:19

2017 - 20km (View full results)

Etienne Blumstein-Jones02:05:49
David Byrne02:11:52
Jack Brand02:14:09
Belinda Ralph02:47:03
Rebecca Wilkinson02:59:43
Lauren Preston03:05:28

2016 - 42km (View full results)

Vajin Armstrong04:23:11
Etienne Blumstein-Jones04:49:45
Sam Burridge04:51:20
Kellie Emmerson05:10:36
Kylee Woods05:31:15
Gill Fowler05:32:53

2016 - 75km (View full results)

Sam McCutcheon08:24:51
Matt Murphy08:45:34
Danny Garrett08:58:49
Lucy Bartholomew09:51:06
Amy Lamprecht10:45:03
Maggie Jones10:52:56

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ORGANISER: SingleTrack Events
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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