Buffalo Stampede

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Date: 24 March 2017
Location: Bright, VIC
Distance/s: 75km, 42km, 20km & 10km
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Buffalo StampedeBuffalo Stampede Ultra SkyMarathon course takes runners on a tough 75.4km challenge taking in the unique scenery of the amazing Mt Buffalo in Victoria’s Alpine country.

Starting in the picturesque and welcoming township of Bright at the foothills of some of Australia’s most impressive mountains, The Buffalo Stampede covers 75km with the main attraction being the climb to the Mt Buffalo Chalet and the unique formations of Mt Buffalo.


Martin Kern08:55:02
Ryan Lowe09:45:14
Ross Hopkins09:56:50
Lucy Bartholomew10:37:19
Christine Hopkins11:44:10
Maureen Stachowicz12:03:54
Vajin Armstrong04:03:04
David Byrne04:10:16
Thomas Brazier04:12:24
Kellie Emmerson04:36:33
Lucy Bartholomew04:46:44
Maeve Kennedy05:05:58
Sam McCutcheon08:22:23
Clark McClymont09:02:22
Mathieu Dore09:04:53
Christine Hopkins11:29:34
Katherine McKean11:36:41
Delina Rahmate11:59:19
Etienne Blumstein-Jones02:05:49
David Byrne02:11:52
Jack Brand02:14:09
Belinda Ralph02:47:03
Rebecca Wilkinson02:59:43
Lauren Preston03:05:28
Vajin Armstrong04:23:11
Etienne Blumstein-Jones04:49:45
Sam Burridge04:51:20
Kellie Emmerson05:10:36
Kylee Woods05:31:15
Gill Fowler05:32:53
Sam McCutcheon08:24:51
Matt Murphy08:45:34
Danny Garrett08:58:49
Lucy Bartholomew09:51:06
Amy Lamprecht10:45:03
Maggie Jones10:52:56
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