Bust a Move

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Date: 18 June 2016
Location: Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane Showgrounds, QLD
Distance/s: 6 x 45min fitness sessions
Website: Visit website

Bust a MoveDo you love staying in shape, getting the girls together and letting loose on the dancefloor?

Then on Saturday 18 June, you need to Bust a Move!

Bust a Move is a six-hour, glittery, energetic extravaganza at the Royal International Convention Centre, Bowen Hills, raising money for Mater Chicks in Pink.

You and friends can spend the day moving, grooving, high-fiving and laughing— and with every boogie, you’ll be helping change the world of a woman with breast cancer.

The day is broken down into six 45-minute fitness sessions which are taught like your favourite classes at the gym.

Whether you’re a pink-patterned active wearer or a tutu-donning diva, a busy office worker or busy mum, we need you!

Bust a Move is all about coming as you are, busting out your best moves and supporting women with breast cancer.

Reserve your spot at www.bustamove.org.au to groove at Bust a Move!


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