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DATE: 16 Dec 2023
TYPE: Triathlon
LOCATION: Callala Beach, NSW
DISTANCE: Standard, Aquabike, Sprint and Super Sprint

The triCallala Triathlon Festival event is much loved by those who know this as the “Boutique Triathlon”.

Set on the northern shores of Jervis Bay, Callala Beach is a pristine location with a laid back feel. For the first time, the Ultimate Triathlon event will be part of the triCallala Triathlon Festival.

Get in early as there is limited space and join Elite Energy this December for a hit before the Santa season kicks in.

The secluded shores of Callala Beach are the perfect location for the swim leg in Jervis Bay. Athletes will then mount their bikes and head out on a ride through the surrounding region lined by the breathtaking Jervis Bay National Park.

Once off the bike participants head out on a run finishing back at quaint township of Callala Beach.



2023 - Standard (View full results)

Matt Lewis02:00:44
Brett Hallam02:02:14
Cameron Wilson02:04:42
Demi Birch02:21:00
Madison Hayward02:23:20
Emily Pace02:27:10

2022 - Standard (View full results)

Harry Wiles01:52:19
Jack Pringle01:56:22
Matt Godkin01:56:35
Demi Birch02:05:55
Madison Hayward02:13:15
Rachael McCarthy02:17:29

2021 - Standard (View full results)

Kazimir Boskovic01:59:30
Quentin Schneider02:04:57
Sam Russell02:05:39
Lisa Marangon02:20:35
Kristy Muir02:23:06
Maria Luz Poblete02:23:07

2020 - Standard (View full results)

Kazimir Boskovic01:56:24
Chris Bradford01:59:00
James Martin01:59:24
Lisa Marangon02:06:57
Olivia Ghisoni02:12:38
Lucity Poblete02:16:25

2019 - Standard (View full results)

Kieran Roche01:57:23
Micheal Entwistle02:04:00
Oliver Graham02:04:42
Moya Johansson02:17:01
Britt Welander02:24:29
Tsumi Smith02:28:28

2017 - Sprint (View full results)

Troy Whittington01:03:02
Travis Shields01:04:30
Daniel Lloyd Jones01:06:04
Zoe Pedashenko01:12:57
Jennifer McDonald01:17:27
Teresa Wynter01:19:11

2016 - Sprint (View full results)

Adam Rudgley01:05:07
Travis Shields01:05:59
Matt Lewis01:06:45
Nicole Ward01:16:40
Angharad Llewellyn01:18:02
Di Jones01:21:21

2015 - Classic (View full results)

Keithley Burn03:12:44
Sean Tully03:22:21
Josh Henry03:22:31
Phoebe Fear03:29:31
Zoe Williams03:51:25
Amy Bulters03:55:01

2014 - Classic (View full results)

Nuru Somi02:53:37
Ryan Waddington02:54:23
Chris Fuchs03:05:05
Sarah Fletcher03:30:46
Rowena Moore03:30:55
Emma Just03:31:03

2013 - Classic (View full results)

Shane Barrie03:07:16
Nathan Miller03:16:17
Josh Henry03:23:17
Matilda Raynolds03:36:32
Jessica Mitchell03:37:40
Emma Just03:43:29

2012 - Sprint (View full results)

Ollie Whistler00:51:58
Mick Maroney00:52:40
Ross Blake00:57:07
Abby Tozer01:04:07
Erin Poulton01:07:04
Michelle Morwood01:07:38

2011 - Pro Tour (View full results)

Michael Murphy00:53:31
Sam Douglas00:54:06
Nuru Somi00:54:39
Brooke Langereis01:03:57
Tarni Cunningham01:06:33
April Langereis01:10:10

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Elite Energy
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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