Centennial Park Ultra

This event has already taken place. Check back soon for an update.
Date: 7 August 2016
Location: Centennial Park, Sydney, NSW
Distance/s: 50km, 100km, Team Relay of 2, 3 or 4
Website: Visit website

Centennial Park UltraThe Centennial Park Ultra is one of the fastest growing running events in Sydney.

Widely known as the CP Ultra, the event features a 50km and 100km ultra marathon. The team relay is an ideal preparation for Oxfam, Sydney or Melbourne Marathons. Also includes finisher t-shirts, bling bag & medals!


Dion Finocchiaro03:07:05
Marcus Cockshutt03:33:04
Adrian Kotzen03:55:33
Rachel Glasson03:42:03
Chantelle Farrelly03:52:24
Robyn Bruins03:59:24

2015 - 100km

Philip Balnave08:04:19
Luca Turini08:39:07
Jordan Bishop08:44:14
Leigh Hawkes10:28:38
Kristy Lovegrove11:09:56
Heather Hawkins11:53:27

2014 - 100km

Brendan Davies07:26:01
Ewan Horsburgh08:28:46
David Loader08:47:56
Lise Lafferty09:29:33
Sabina Hamaty10:38:36
Anabell Hepworth10:51:39
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