Sunday Age City2Sea

This event has already taken place. Check back soon for an update.
Date: 12 November 2017
Location: Yarra Park, Melbourne, VIC
Distance/s: 15km & 5km
Website: Visit website

Sunday Age City2SeaThe Sunday Age City2Sea presented by Westpac will bring in the new season of fun, fitness and sunshine when it returns to the streets of Melbourne on Sunday November 12, 2017.

With summer on the horizon, participants are set to start the ‘new season’ by getting back into a new fitness regime, challenging themselves or striving for a new personal best.

In its seventh year, the City2Sea is expected to bring over 10,000 people together to round out this year’s City Run Series. Participants will run, jog, walk or stroll the scenic 5km and 15km courses, starting in Melbourne’s CBD and finishing along the iconic Beaconsfield Parade and Catani Gardens in St Kilda.

For more information on how to register, or to find out more about the Sunday Age City2Sea presented by Westpac, visit


Liam Adams00:44:08
Dejen Gebreselassie00:44:09
Jack Rayner00:46:06
Julie Norney00:56:56
Erchana Murray-Bartlett00:57:32
Ciara Boyd-Squires Long00:58:08
Nicholas Earl00:46:33
David Thomas00:46:43
Jordan Welling00:46:51
Makda Haji00:50:03
Tara Welling00:51:26
Lisa Weightman00:51:54
Liam Adams00:44:34
Steve Kelly00:45:05
Stephen Dinneen00:45:13
Makda Haji00:50:55
Tarli Bird00:53:15
Melanie Panayiotou00:53:46
Clint Perrett00:46:00
Nicholas Earl00:46:05
Nathan Hartigan00:46:10
Tarli Bird00:52:46
Molly Tilbrook00:53:22
Ellie O'Kane00:54:09
Steve Kelly00:42:26
Hintsa Mebrahtu00:44:28
Mark Kirwan00:45:09
Clare Geraghty00:49:44
Anna Thompson00:50:39
Laura Stacey00:51:21
Michael Shelley00:41:02
Steve Kelly00:42:05
Brady Threlfall00:44:28
Tarli Bird00:50:51
Laura Stacey00:52:31
Susan Michelsson00:52:36
Steve Kelly00:43:43
Nathan Hartigan00:43:55
Mark Kirwan00:43:56
Kate Smyth00:49:56
Tara Prowse00:50:30
Karinna Fyfe00:51:32
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