Danger 1000 Ocean Swim

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Date: 6 January 2018
Location: Pt Danger, Torquay, VIC
Distance/s: 1000m, 2.5km and 500m
Website: Visit website

Danger 1000 Ocean SwimThe Danger 1000 Ocean Swim is a 1km open water swim held at Torquay on Victoria's Surf Coast.

This event is run by the Jan Juc SLSC at the very calm, protected and picturesque location that the locals fondly refer to as "Cosy Corner". This idylic setting is protected by Point Danger. The distance of the triangular course is 1000 metres, hence the name Danger 1000.

The Danger 1000 is a wonderful event attracting competitors from around the country including previous winner and current record holder, Australian Ironman Champion Ky Hurst of Queensland in the record time of 8 minutes 47 seconds. Good luck beating that!


2018 - 1000m

Jorden Merrilees00:11:00
Matt Gilling00:11:01
Drew Green00:11:20
Kelsey Cummings00:12:13
Ashley Weill00:12:23
Rebecca Henderson00:12:23

2017 - 2.5km

Robbe Dilissen00:29:49
Nigel Fanning00:32:06
Tim Boness00:32:07
Rebecca Henderson00:32:44
Annie Cox00:32:50
Lisandra De Carvalho00:32:51

2016 - 1000m

Sam Sheppard00:12:25
Tristan Read00:12:58
Robbe Dilssen00:13:03
Molly Batchelor00:13:41
Laura Davy00:13:51
Zoe Whitfield00:14:10
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