Dubbo Stampede

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Date: 27 August 2017
Location: Taronga Western Plains Zoo, NSW
Distance/s: 42.2km, 21.1km, 10km & 5.5km
Website: Visit website

Dubbo StampedeThe Dubbo Stampede is a unique fun run taking place against the iconic backdrop of the Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

Since the running festival began in 2012, the event has grown in popularity, with a marathon added to the event in 2015.

Shorter events are also available, including the 21.1km zebra zoom, the 10km cheetah chase and the 5.5km dingo dash.


2017 - Marathon

Alex Visser02:56:28
David Hardwicke03:00:15
Matthew McKenna03:03:29
Clare Palmer02:55:55
Catherine Robins03:31:05
Mel Webb03:46:30

2016 - Marathon

Tim Gowing02:54:52
Ben Simes02:59:19
Michael Botfield03:11:17
Kirby Clarke03:26:27
Kath Shorter03:26:30
Sonia Commins03:33:02

2015 - Marathon

Darren Moyle02:42:53
Marcus Cockshutt02:50:41
Tim Gowing02:56:19
Kirby Clarke03:22:57
Kathleen Shorter03:24:02
Diane Green03:35:27

2014 - Marathon

Alexander Matthews02:36:16
Len Darlington02:59:00
Oliver Carey03:03:08
Jane Fardell02:59:17
Shayne Falkenmire03:18:47
Jess Baker03:19:25

2013 - Half Marathon

Mitch Dean01:09:52
David Mainwaring01:10:26
Matthew Pellow01:15:31
Jane Fardell01:21:02
Sandi Rabie01:28:16
Shannon Short01:28:52
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