Flinders Island Trail Marathon

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Date: 5 September 2020
Location: Whitemark, Flinders Island, TAS
Distance/s: 42km and 26km
Website: Visit website

Flinders Island Trail MarathonThe Flinders Island Trail Marathon is part of the Flinders Island Running Festival that takes place across a weekend in September.

The Pub2Pub Trail Marathon (42.2km) and the 26km event take place on the Saturday. A 5km run/walk event takes place on the Friday.

Shorter events occur on the Friday and Sunday to round out a festival of running in this stunningly wild environment in Bass Strait.


David Bailey Jnr01:43:37
William Yee01:49:33
Alvin Johns01:49:37
Dannielle Krushka02:06:23
Carolyn Davis02:20:08
Jessica Lester02:23:15


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