Great Ocean Road Marathon

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DATE: 19 May 2024
TYPE: Running
DISTANCE: 60km, 44km, 23km, 13km and 6.5km

The Great Ocean Road Marathon features a variety of different distance options along some of the world's most spectacular roads.

Run Australia's Great Ocean Road and enjoy the stunning views along the length of the course between Lorne and Apollo Bay.

The weekend also features shorter distance fun runs on the Saturday, providing something for everyone and making it a great weekend away on the Great Ocean Road.



2024 - Marathon (View full results)

Johannes Motschmann02:36:35
Dion Finocchiaro02:39:08
Matthew Whitaker02:40:41
Meriem Daoui03:04:24
Petra Melis-Walsh03:10:25
Danni Rogan03:12:18

2023 - 60km (View full results)

Dion Finocchiaro03:50:15
Theo Langlois04:10:04
Ben Harris04:18:03
Alice Hall04:58:54
Tara Carson05:00:25
Kathleen Judge05:06:40

2022 - 60km (View full results)

Zackary Beasley04:05:22
Fabrizio Brambilla04:14:46
Hamish Macdonald04:18:20
Sarah Jayamaha04:41:59
Michelle McAdam04:44:20
Kathleen Judge05:07:50

2021 - 60km (View full results)

Matthew Whitaker03:49:01
Wayne Spies03:53:04
Conor Dillon04:29:23
Natasha Fraser04:24:14
Sarah Jaymaha05:00:55
Kathleen Judge05:12:24

2019 - 60km (View full results)

Ash Watson03:55:12
Jai Edmonds04:03:25
Michael Wakefield04:08:38
Natasha Fraser04:32:47
Leigha Wills04:54:29
Caitlin Duncan05:09:43

2018 - 60km (View full results)

Mohd Syahidan Alias04:29:03
Dan Wright04:31:00
Robbie Barnes04:40:43
Natasha Fraser04:18:54
Felicity Irvine05:00:04
Emma Bassett05:02:45

2017 - 44km Marathon (View full results)

Julian Spence02:32:44
John Dutton02:38:12
Dion Finocchiaro02:39:18
Jane Fardell03:10:53
Aleara Wallace03:24:30
Lucie Hardiman03:26:24

2016 - Marathon (View full results)

Julian Spence02:33:00
Ash Watson02:42:26
Darren Moyle02:45:43
Kirstin Bull03:06:37
Tracy Douglas03:13:35
Ann Marie Carolan03:31:21

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