Harvest Run

COVID-19 Update: This event has been postponed or cancelled due to the impact of COVID-19. Please check again soon for updates regarding this event.
Date: 20 September 2020
Location: Yarra Valley Racing Club, VIC
Distance/s: 13.5km and 5.3km
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Harvest RunThe Harvest Run is a 13.5km run or 5.3km run/walk through the scenic Yarra Valley.

The Harvest Run event weekend is a favourite among wine- and cheese-loving runners. With two distances to choose from (5.3K and 13.5K), enjoy all the beauty of running through the Yarra Valley region with the added fun of live music, gourmet food and local wines.

Work for your post-run wine by taking on the 13.5K with a course that winds through the scenic but hilly terrain. While you can count on testing your quads and lungs the views along the way and the wine at the end are well worth the effort.


2018 - 13.5km

Sam Quirk00:45:43
Joshua Sait00:48:57
James Ryan00:49:36
Lauren Starr00:54:30
Gabrielle Wilson00:57:02
Marissa Munday00:57:35
Shane Grund00:48:59
Joshua Sait00:51:37
William Clarke00:52:28
Nora Henry00:52:06
Dervila Holmes00:55:54
Meg Aitken00:59:09

2016 - 13.5km

James Alexander00:50:46
Josh Goding00:50:54
Matthew Crehan00:51:16
Kellie Emmerson00:53:56
Jaclyn Murphy00:54:10
Erchana Murray-Bartlett00:55:05
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