Hervey Bay 100

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Date: 18 November 2018
Location: Hervey Bay, QLD
Distance/s: 2/80/18
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Hervey Bay 100The Hogs Hervey Bay 100 is a long course triathlon held along a section of Queensland's picturesque coastline.

The full distance event consists of a 2km swim, 80km cycle and 18km run. The swim course takes place within the protected waters of Hervey Bay, while the bike and run legs take competitors along the spectacular coast.

A range of shorter distances catering for less experienced athletes and children round out the weekend to make it a celebration of friends and fitness!


Simon Hearn03:31:06
Callum Millward03:33:46
Travis Coleman03:37:57
Sarah Crowley03:44:38
Amelia Watkinson03:47:47
Courtney Gilfillan03:53:52
Callum Millward03:30:28
Benjamin Andersen03:36:14
Damien Collins03:37:11
Meredith Hill04:00:00
Alise Selsmark04:04:50
Els Visser04:08:46
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