BIG Husky Triathlon Festival

This event has already taken place. Check back soon for an update.
Date: 26th to 28th February, 2021
Location: Huskisson, NSW
Distance/s: Various distances
Website: Visit website

BIG Husky Triathlon FestivalFifteen years strong and not slowing down, be a part of Australia’s favourite long-course! The “Big Husky” Triathlon Festival has grown to become one of Australia’s most loved of the ‘Long Course’ events. 2021 marks 16 years of Big Husky excitement!

Along with the Ultimate Distance race, we have a packed Huskisson triathlon program that includes Classic, Sprint & Super Sprint distance triathlons, Ocean Swim, Fun Runs, MINIMAN kids’ triathlon and our massive Health & Lifestyle Expo.

Huskisson is a spectacular spot to race and holiday with great local cafes and restaurants, a range of accommodation from camping, cabins, motels, the famous Husky Pub through to beach front homes.


2020 - Ultimate

Mitchell Cunningham03:53:50
Kieran Roche03:55:58
Henrik Goesch03:58:10
Sarah Crowley04:21:26
Moya Johansson04:39:36
Angela Ballerini04:46:12

2017 - Standard Distance

Luke Schofield02:05:29
Tom Styman02:06:39
Josh Henry02:07:18
Siobhan McCloskey02:31:53
Cassie Price-McCoy02:36:23
Ellen Glennan02:37:22

2016 - Standard Distance

Mitchell Cunningham02:00:46
Justin Wendemuth02:06:11
Matt Hood02:06:51
Penny Slater02:22:24
Ange Ritchie02:30:27
Paula Mackerz Luke02:38:36

2015 - Olympic

Nuru Somi01:53:55
Robert Skillman01:57:07
Adam Rudgley02:04:07
Tegan Davies02:17:56
Sarah Fletcher02:20:33
Zoe Wilson02:22:58

2014 - Olympic

Nuru Somi01:57:19
Matthew Pellow02:02:47
Rob Skillman02:03:42
Grace Musgrove02:16:35
Tegan Davies02:24:07
Sarah Fletcher02:25:15

2013 - Olympic

James Davy01:56:45
Ben Bell01:58:08
Emir Mujcinovic01:58:17
Nikki Nugara02:20:46
Tegan Davies02:26:09
Annette Sampson02:26:41

2012 - Olympic

David Mainwaring02:00:25
Emir Mujcinovic02:02:17
Ollie Whistler02:03:55
Sarah Fletcher02:25:17
Julie-Anne Hazlett02:26:52
Rowena Sinclair-Smith02:28:11

2011 - Olympic

Shane Farrant01:54:52
Nuru Somi01:57:00
Shaun Vidler01:58:36
Jessica Simpson02:15:47
Gwendoline Moussot02:22:00
Rowena Sinclair-Smith02:25:33

2010 - Olympic

Michael Fox02:00:43
Lindsey Wall02:02:43
Robert Hurley02:02:48
Lisa Marangon02:14:18
Laura Siddall02:15:08
Lauren Fitzgerald02:16:50
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