Ironman 70.3 Geelong

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DATE: 24 Mar 2024
TYPE: Triathlon
LOCATION: Eastern Beach, Geelong, VIC
DISTANCE: 1.9/90/21.1

Ironman 70.3 Geelong is a long course triathlon taking place on Geelong's foreshore at Eastern Beach, Victoria. A location with a rich history of triathlon - particularly long course triathlon - Ironman 70.3 Geelong offers a fast multi-loop course.

The 1.9km swim takes place in Corio Bay before competitors tackle the 90km cycle leg out along Geelong's roads including some small undulations.

Out of T2 and the 21.1km run includes an undulating multi-loop course set to challenge even the best runners, featuring some spectacular waterfront views along the way.

2024 IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong has 50* age group qualifying slots for the 2024 VinFast IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships on 14th & 15th December 2024 in Taupō, New Zealand!



Sam Osborne03:41:26
Thomas Bishop03:41:38
Henrik Goesch03:42:36
Ellie Salthouse04:07:18
Grace Thek04:08:16
Lotte Wilms04:10:22
Sam Appleton03:41:15
Steven McKenna03:43:11
Josh Amberger03:43:43
Lotte Wilms04:07:41
Amelia Watkinson04:11:17
Grace Thek04:15:45
Steven McKenna03:46:45
Trent Thorpe03:47:38
Tim Reed03:49:22
Ellie Salthouse04:09:29
Amelia Watkinson04:14:35
Grace Thek04:18:51
Josh Amberger03:44:08
Sam Appleton03:44:39
Tim Van Berkel03:48:37
Kirby Bourke04:03:01
Hannah Wells04:10:39
Grace Thek04:16:27
Sam Appleton03:45:52
Josh Amberger03:47:21
Ryan Fisher03:49:09
Nina Derron04:26:11
Grace Thek04:26:18
Laura Dennis04:29:38
Sam Appleton03:49:40
Josh Amberger03:50:28
Dan Wilson03:51:48
Annabel Luxford04:21:19
Barbara Riveros04:26:29
Sarah Crowley04:27:33
Jake Montgomery03:51:47
Cyril Viennot03:53:13
Josh Amberger03:54:16
Mel Hauschildt04:14:27
Annabel Luxford04:20:14
Radka Vodickova04:21:48
Craig Alexander03:46:26
Sam Appleton03:46:43
Mark Bowstead03:51:14
Liz Blatchford04:19:34
Rebekah Keat04:20:03
Sarah Crowley04:20:52
Craig Alexander04:06:00
Tim Reed04:09:34
Brad Kahlefeldt04:10:42
Emma Moffatt04:30:58
Rebecca Hoschke04:43:11
Lisa Marangon04:50:15
Craig Alexander03:53:15
Leon Griffin03:54:35
Tim Berkel03:56:10
Sarah Bryant04:35:38

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