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DATE: 5 May 2024
TYPE: Triathlon
LOCATION: Port Macquarie, NSW
DISTANCE: 1.9/90/21.1

The Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie triathlon is a 1.9/90/21.1km distance race located at Port Macquarie on the New South Wales Mid North Coast.

This popular triathlon features a flat water swim, an undulating cycle leg with some spectacular coastal scenery, and a run leg through the encouraging town atmosphere of Port Macquarie.

With beautiful beaches, lush rainforest and hinterland to explore, Port Macquarie is a favourite race destination for triathletes and their families.

2024 IRONMAN 70.3 Port Macquarie has 50* age group qualifying slots for the 2024 VinFast IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships on 14th & 15th December 2024 in Taupō, New Zealand!



Peter Loveridge04:13:13
Trent Larcombe04:15:10
Scott Hobson04:16:03
Bronwyn Law04:18:58
Jacqueline Henricks04:30:24
Kirsten Molloy04:33:10
Tim Reed03:50:34
Mike Phillips03:55:01
Graham O'Grady03:55:03
Radka Vodickova04:26:39
Andrea Forrest04:27:55
Anna Russell04:35:02
Josh Amberger03:55:27
Brad Kahlefeldt03:56:01
Alex Reithmeier03:59:52
Radka Vodickova04:30:40
Madeleine Oldfield04:38:10
Lisa Marangon04:39:21
Tim Van Berkel03:54:46
James Bowstead03:57:09
Leon Griffin03:58:19
Britta Martin04:32:27
Rebecca Hoschke04:37:08
Kat Baker04:39:42
Clayton Fettell03:53:29
Tim Reed03:55:29
Chris Kemp03:56:29
Carrie Lester04:28:25
Sam Warriner04:29:50
Joanna Lawn04:32:27

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