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DATE: 14 Jun 2024
TYPE: Triathlon
DISTANCE: 3.8/180.2/42.2

Ironman Cairns consists of a 3.8km swim, a 180km cycle and 42.2km run including some of Australia's most spectacular coastal views.

Situated at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns Airport Ironman Cairns is set in one of the world’s most iconic tropical locations and boasts a stunning backdrop that will take your breath away.

With arguably the most spectacular bike course in the world, competitors race up the Captain Cook Highway hugging the coastline from Cairns to Port Douglas. From reef to World Heritage listed rainforest, and a run along the stunning Cairns boardwalk, the race finishes in the heart of the city.

This race has become a ‘must-do’ on the Ironman circuit, and there is every reason to believe the hype.

The 2024 IRONMAN Cairns event offers Age Group Qualifying slot to the 2024 VinFast IRONMAN World Championship (Kona) – Male athletes and to the 2024 VinFast IRONMAN World Championship (Nice) – Female athletes.



Braden Currie07:50:10
Steven McKenna08:00:59
Tim Van Berkel08:04:54
Kylie Simpson08:40:52
Radka Kahlefeldt08:58:48
Penny Slater09:05:49
Max Neumann07:52:53
Braden Currie07:55:10
Sam Appleton08:05:33
Sarah Crowley08:59:40
Radka Kahlefeldt09:05:16
Kylie Simpson09:19:21
Max Neumann07:58:54
Tim Van Berkel08:06:38
Josh Amberger08:10:11
Kylie Simpson09:06:34
Amelia Watkinson09:09:52
Chloe Lane09:13:59
Max Neumann08:13:08
Tim Van Berkel08:15:57
Josh Amberger08:18:38
Amelia Watkinson09:20:38
Sarah Crowley09:22:03
Renee Kiley09:23:56
Braden Currie08:04:19
Tim Van Berkel08:23:48
David Dellow08:32:11
Teresa Adam08:48:33
Sarah Crowley08:53:37
Kaisa Sali08:53:51
Braden Currie07:54:58
Javier Gomez Noya07:56:38
Terenzo Bozzone08:00:06
Teresa Adam08:53:16
Mirinda Carfrae08:59:17
Beth McKenzie09:03:10
Joshua Amberger08:02:16
Joe Gambles08:04:02
Braden Currie08:07:45
Sarah Crowley08:58:13
Sarah Piampiano09:08:19
Kristin Moeller09:14:07
Tim Van Berkel08:15:02
David Dellow08:19:12
Pete Jacobs08:28:27
Jodie Swallow09:06:17
Linsey Corbin09:12:49
Sarah Crowley09:19:55
Luke McKenzie08:18:01
Cameron Brown08:26:22
Dylan McNeice08:36:55
Liz Blatchford09:11:49
Gina Crawford09:20:56
Michelle Bremer09:35:32
Cameron Brown08:20:15
Tim Van Berkel08:23:23
Peter Robertson08:33:26
Liz Blatchford09:16:58
Melanie Burke09:22:53
Asa Lundstrom09:25:56
Luke McKenzie08:17:43
Tim Van Berkel08:22:16
Chris McCormack08:32:50
Liz Blatchford09:19:51
Gina Crawford09:23:14
Stephanie Jones09:31:46
David Dellow08:15:04
Cameron Brown08:22:21
Jimmy Johnsen08:29:36
Carrie Lester09:21:00
Belinda Harper09:22:42
Candice Hammond09:24:45

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