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DATE: 1 Dec 2024
TYPE: Triathlon
LOCATION: Busselton, WA
DISTANCE: 3.8/180/42.2

Ironman WA (Western Australia) is an Ironman triathlon held in Busselton, Western Australia, and has built a reputation for being the race destination within Australia if you're seeking a fast Ironman time.

The 3.8km swim leg consists of a swim around the iconic Busselton Jetty, followed by a 180km cycle leg along a flat and fast course and then a 42.2km along the Busselton foreshore in front of an excited crowd.

The 2024 IRONMAN Western Australia has qualifying slots for the 2025 VinFast IRONMAN World Championship.



Daniel Baekkegard07:34:22
Matt Burton07:40:27
Nick Thompson07:48:22
Fenella Langridge08:29:42
Lisa Norden08:33:01
Lotte Wilms08:40:58
Max Neumann07:45:21
Steven McKenna07:50:48
Matt Burton07:56:08
Sarah Crowley08:46:09
Els Visser08:50:48
Lotte Wilms08:52:52
Matt Burton08:01:22
Steven McKenna08:10:22
Fraser Walsh08:11:49
Kylie Simpson09:06:14
Ann Brinkamp09:49:15
Sarah Thomas09:54:50
Alistair Brownlee07:45:20
Matt Burton07:55:40
Tim Van Berkel08:00:26
Teresa Adam08:38:42
Sarah Piampiano08:42:57
Gurutze Frades08:49:40
Terenzo Bozzone07:56:00
Cameron Wurf07:57:40
Matt Burton08:07:18
Caroline Steffen08:49:45
Barbara Riveros09:08:08
Dimity-Lee Duke09:15:36
Terenzo Bozzone07:12:30
Dougal Allan07:18:07
Tim Van Berkel07:27:07
Melissa Hauschildt07:52:04
Carrie Lester07:59:07
Camila Lindholm Borg08:01:59

2017 - 70.3 (View full results)

Dan Wilson03:42:26
Craig Alexander03:43:55
Ryan Fisher03:45:47
Katey Gibb04:18:04
Jacqueline Thistleton04:18:53
Emily Loughnan04:21:03
Terenzo Bozzone07:51:25
Andy Potts07:55:11
Nick Kastelein08:05:23
Melissa Hauschildt08:54:38
Mareen Hufe08:57:35
Sarah Piampiano08:58:50
Luke McKenzie07:55:58
Denis Chevrot08:16:24
Per Bittner08:19:15
Sarah Piampiano09:03:47
Mareen Hufe09:09:15
Yvonne Van Vlerken09:12:06
Denis Chevrot08:05:58
Patrik Nilsson08:12:11
Per Bittner08:14:37
Britta Martin08:56:34
Mareen Hufe09:00:21
Liz Blatchford09:02:11
Jeremy Jerkiewicz08:08:16
Markus Thomschke08:16:01
David Dellow08:19:10
Elizabeth Lyles08:59:44
Mareen Hufe09:08:00
Lisa Marangon09:19:29

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