Kokoda Challenge Melbourne

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Date: 23 October 2016
Location: 1000 Steps, Ferntree Gully National Park, VIC
Distance/s: 30km and 15km
Website: Visit website

Kokoda Challenge MelbourneThe Melbourne edition of the Kokoda Challenge inspires you to live the Kokoda Spirit as you and your team mates run or trek the challenging 15km or 30km course through the Victoria's Dandenong Ranges.

Starting at Ferntree Gully National Park, the route encompasses the Kokoda Memorial Walk and tests your stamina on the 1000 steps. The challenging climbs are not without reward. When reaching the summit you will take in breathtaking views of Melbourne City and the Silvan Reservoir.

The Junior Kokoda Challenge Melbourne Event is provides students with their own challenge, requiring teachers to join as a member of each five person team to complete the 30km challenge.


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