Date: 1 January 1970
Location: ,
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Brett Ellis00:32:02
Simon Hurt00:33:19
Alex Howard00:34:05
Madeleine Gwynne00:39:36
Loretta McGrath00:41:34
Lucy Spanswick00:41:57
Peter Kerr00:15:55
George Siems00:18:55
Charles Mayfield00:19:02
Natalie Mensch00:19:03
Renee Fuller00:20:36
Megan Dickson00:20:46
Julian Spence00:31:09
Anthony Aloisio00:32:02
Daniel Hutchinson00:32:44
Tracy Douglas00:37:44
Danni Rogan00:40:49
Georgia Quick00:42:33
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