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DATE: 2 Jun 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Mackay Marina, Mackay, QLD
DISTANCE: 21.1km, 8km, 5km & Juniors

The BMA Mackay Marina Run is an eagerly anticipated event in Mackay, Australia, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and ideal running conditions. Considered the most scenic running event in Queensland, this race offers participants an opportunity to immerse themselves in the breathtaking sub-tropical scenery while striving for personal bests on a flat and fast course.

Taking place annually on the first Sunday in June, the highlight of the event is the 21.1km race, which takes runners through the coastal city of Mackay, showcasing the region's finest views. However, the event caters to runners of all ages and abilities, with options ranging from a 3km kids dash to a 5km fun run, as well as more challenging races.

Whether you are a seasoned runner seeking a new personal record or a beginner looking to embrace the joy of running, the BMA Mackay Marina Run offers a category and course to suit every motivation. So, mark your calendars and join in the exhilarating atmosphere as you #runwithus in 2024, experiencing the beauty of Mackay while pursuing your running goals.



2022 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Liam Boudin01:05:08
Richmond Sense01:14:34
Ando Moquiuti01:15:24
Chelsea Gunther01:29:35
Danielle Sansonetti01:29:37
Bridget Webber01:32:37

2021 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Tim Vincent01:05:38
Ben Melville01:17:09
Justin McSherry01:17:12
Katinka Von Elsner-Wellsteed01:19:14
Meagan Brown01:24:15
Bridget Webber01:27:32

2019 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Jack Powell01:12:57
Rhys Williams01:16:36
Michael Devlin01:17:20
Bridget Webber01:31:33
Hailey Peluchetti01:34:11
Erin Stafford01:37:33

2018 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Reece Edwards01:07:07
Liam Mumford01:16:27
Julian Picot01:16:35
Victoria Beck01:20:37
Emily Donker01:26:14
Bridget Webber01:29:39

2017 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Peter Run01:16:20
Lachlan Irvine01:17:15
Paul MacKenzie01:23:27
Victoria Beck01:16:39
Bridget Webber01:32:30
Alana Ford01:34:46

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ORGANISER: Mackay Marina Run
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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