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DATE: 2 Jun 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: High Street, Maitland, NSW
DISTANCE: 21km, 12km, 8km, 4km & 1 mile

The Maitland River Run is a looped fun run offering various distance options to cater for runners and walkers of all abilities.

The event is open to novice and elite participants, and follows a loop along the Maitland River of approximately 4km.

There is also a one mile event open to serious and novice runners who would like to “Run the Mile”!



2022 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Simon Davidson01:16:11
Sam Hodges01:20:16
Emmanuel Genlot01:21:05
Adrienne Dickson01:28:44
Eliza Jurd01:41:49
Sarah Jagoe-Salamone01:44:04
Gareth Franklin01:18:22
Scott Alder01:25:06
Allan Thompson01:25:52
Stephanie Auston01:21:56
Adrienne Dickson01:36:22
Debbie Thorley01:41:58

2020 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Craig Storey01:21:14
Scott Alder01:22:22
Connor Graham01:22:53
Linda Stanborough01:40:54
Vicki Hanks01:41:17
Amelia Michalak01:44:44

2019 - 12km (View full results)

Justin Goodreid00:48:21
Brendon Rae00:51:17
Adam Nash00:52:09
Imogen Bailey00:49:52
Susan Lawler00:54:31
Kara Bull00:56:15

2018 - 12km (View full results)

Ben Toomey00:40:57
Kyle Pinkerton00:41:07
Marty Henry00:48:01
Bridey Delaney00:46:22
Shayne Falkenmire00:50:39
Jo Mcgoldrick00:56:28

2017 - 12km (View full results)

Chris Fuchs00:43:36
David MacPherson00:46:28
Rob Reed00:47:54
Shayne Falkenmire00:49:56
Krystle Hockley00:50:39
Alex Falkenmire00:52:33

2016 - 12km (View full results)

Shane Ilgen00:40:42
Luke Babic00:42:37
Greg Wilson00:43:19
Anna Grant00:48:35
Danielle Hart00:49:21
Jaymie Hayman00:49:30

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