Miss Muddy Sydney

This event has already taken place. Check back soon for an update.
Date: 21 October 2017
Location: Sydney international Regatta Centre, NSW
Distance/s: Up to 5km
Website: Visit website

Miss Muddy SydneyMiss Muddy is an awesome 5k female fun run with colour, foam, inflatables, music, obstacles and plenty of mud. Designed to suit all fitness levels for participants aged 13+, Miss Muddy is untimed and non competitive with a focus on fun and inclusion rather than tough and intimidating.

We're back with more fun than ever before! This year we have the addition of Double the Mud, Powder Colour, New Inflatables, Sack Race, Space Hoppers and a classic Water Balloon Battle.

With Sydney over 80% sold, register today so you don't miss out! Visit our website for tickets and more information

Ladies can register as an individual, or they can create a team, so why not get your girls together for a day of muddy fun?


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