Mount Panorama Punish

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DATE: 27 Oct 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Mount Panorama, Bathurst, NSW

The Mount Panorama Punish is 'one hot lap' of Australia's most famous motor racing circuit. Instead of four wheels and horsepower though, it's your legs and lungs that will drive you around the challenging course.

Covering one full lap of the 6.2km track under closed conditions, you'll reach 174m of elevation gain and some spectacular views. Cut-off times will be enforced, but a bus will follow participants in case anyone happens to miss a checkpoint along the way. Get in quick for this unique opportunity to run a lap of Bathurst's iconic racetrack.



Miller Rivett00:22:06
Zbynek Hanys00:22:35
Benjamin Woodhouse00:22:35
Lou Clifton00:25:57
Renelle Donges00:26:20
Sienna Edmunds00:27:01
Harry McGill00:20:44
Illya Justin00:21:23
Miller Rivett00:21:55
Kellie Gibson00:27:47
Heather Hozack00:28:40
Jacinta Marriott00:29:43
Miller Rivett00:22:57
Aaron Houston00:23:50
Max Martinez00:23:54
Dominique Windsor00:27:50
Josie Brown00:28:44
Kellie Gibson00:29:00
David Criniti00:21:09
Lachlan Oakes00:21:43
Dani Andres00:23:25
Stephanie Torley00:24:38
Renelle Donges00:28:03
Kellie Gibson00:28:15
Lachlan Oakes00:22:55
Patrick McNamara00:23:32
Nicholas Zawadski00:23:33
Amy lam00:26:19
Kellie Gibson00:27:57
Musty Kellie-Anne00:28:07
Mitchell Williamson00:21:50
Ben Witney00:22:19
Wes Gibson00:23:40
Meg Reeves00:26:28
Amy Glenn00:28:09
Nicole Williamson00:28:24

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