Noosa Triathlon

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Date: 1 November 2020
Location: Noosa, QLD
Distance/s: 1.5/40/10
Website: Visit website

Noosa TriathlonThe Noosa Triathlon is one of Australia's longest running and prestigious triathlons, attracting a quality field each year to Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast.

The first ever Noosa Triathlon was held in 1983 and attracted only 180 competitors. The triathlon has since grown into a first class international multi sport and entertainment event.

The Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival is an annual five-day hallmark event, celebrating sports participation, healthy lifestyles, fitness and fun.


Aaron Royle01:48:51
Max Neumann01:48:54
Ryan Bailie01:49:05
Ashleigh Gentle02:00:48
Natalie Van Coevorden02:01:38
Radka Kahlefeldt02:01:38
Jacob Birtwhistle01:46:59
Aaron Royale01:47:11
Ryan Bailie01:47:15
Ashleigh Gentle01:59:11
Felicity Sheedy-Ryan01:59:43
Natalie Van Coevorden02:01:49
Dan Wilson01:49:41
Jacob Birtwhistle01:49:58
Ryan Fisher01:51:03
Ashleigh Gentle02:02:26
Natalie Van Coevorden02:03:30
Charlotte McShane02:05:03
Joe Maloy01:47:04
Ryan Fisher01:47:53
Jacob Birtwhistle01:48:35
Ashleigh Gentle01:59:18
Charlotte McShane02:01:32
Emma Pallant02:02:48
Aaron Royle01:47:59
Dan Wilson01:48:02
Ryan Bailie01:48:06
Ashleigh Gentle01:59:10
Paula Findlay01:59:58
Caroline Steffen02:00:29
Aaron Royle01:46:11
Dan Wilson01:46:52
Ryan Bailie01:46:59
Emma Moffatt01:58:41
Ashleigh Gentle01:59:02
Mel Hauschildt02:01:42
Peter Kerr01:46:35
Ryan Fisher01:46:51
Taylor Cecil01:47:25
Ashleigh Gentle01:58:57
Felicity Sheedy-Ryan02:00:24
Liz Blatchford02:00:41
David Dellow01:46:36
Paul Matthews01:47:01
James Seear01:47:42
Melissa Rollison02:00:25
Emma Jackson02:01:09
Kate Mcilroy02:01:46
Courtney Atkinson01:46:54
Kris Gemmell01:47:06
Peter Kerr01:48:10
Caroline Steffen02:01:18
Ashleigh Gentle02:01:22
Nicky Samuels02:03:30
Courtney Atkinson01:47:03
James Seear01:48:14
Joshua Amberger01:48:53
Emma Jackson02:01:02
Sarah Crowley02:01:50
Annabel Luxford02:02:33
Courtney Atkinson01:46:38
David Dellow01:48:47
James Seear01:48:57
Emma Snowsill01:59:39
Emma Moffatt02:03:02
Sarah Crowley02:03:30
Craig Walton01:48:46
David Dellow01:52:19
Paul Matthews01:52:26
Emma Snowsill02:01:09
Felicity Abram02:02:22
Annabel Luxford02:03:13
Craig Walton01:47:46
Bevan Docherty01:50:19
Kris Gemmell01:50:55
Felicity Abram02:00:23
Annabel Luxford02:01:10
Emma Snowsill02:02:52
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