Paddy Pallin Cams Wharf

This event has already taken place. Check back soon for an update.
Date: 13 February 2016
Location: Cams Wharf, NSW
Distance/s: Various distances
Website: Visit website

Paddy Pallin Cams WharfThe Paddy Pallin Cams Wharf adventure race is for you if you love the outdoors, have a genuine passion for fun and adventure, and want to push yourself to new limits!

The event is designed for teams of two and has fun in mind, with teams having to change between three core disciplines several times during the event - mountain biking, running / trekking, and kayaking.

Taking between two and six hours to complete, the course consists of 15-25km of mountain biking, 5-10km of trail running/trekking and 2-4km of kayaking. There are multiple legs of each discipline, which add up to the distances quoted.


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