Peaks Challenge Falls Creek

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DATE: 10 Mar 2024
TYPE: Cycling
LOCATION: Falls Creek, VIC

Peaks Challenge Falls Creek is a 235km loop ride from Falls Creek, via Tawonga Gap, Mount Hotham and Omeo. Riders are pushed to their limits and beyond, but still rise to the challenge.

It's not a race – it's much more than that. It's the ultimate personal challenge. For many, Peaks Challenge Falls Creek will be the toughest day they spend on a bike.

Seasoned riders know that no matter how many times you conquer the climbs; it never gets easier — you just go faster.



Mark OBrien06:43:13
Chris Hargreaves07:11:32
Tom Leaper07:23:02
Kerry Jonker08:19:06
Megan Chapple08:34:58
Vanessa Murray08:41:07
Daniel Bonello07:20:51
Jonathan Skinner07:26:41
Aaron Bicknell07:33:17
Katie Banerjee08:37:30
Emma Flukes08:38:50
Megan Scott08:51:32
Richard Lawson07:28:57
Daniel Bonello07:35:16
Daniel Scheiner07:43:30
Megan Scott08:50:28
Emma Flukes09:03:06
Chloe Lane09:20:45

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Bicycle Network
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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