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DATE: 11 May 2024
TYPE: Triathlon
LOCATION: Port Stephens, NSW
DISTANCE: Standard, Sprint, Super Sprint

The Tri Port Stephens Triathlon Festival features a 1.5/40/10 standard distance triathlon as well as shorter options for novices and juniors.

The 1.5km swim leg will be held at the southern end of One Mile Beach. Despite being an open water swim, the waters are usually calm and protected.

The 40km cycle leg consists of a three lap flat to undulating ride and the 10km run consists of a three lap course.

Just a quick trip up the coast from Sydney, Port Stephens offers athletes a brilliant weekend destination and the last chance in the season to grab some triSeries points. Get ready for some great racing action with the triSeries Standard, Sprint and Super Sprint distances.



2023 - Standard (View full results)

Lyall Smyth02:04:06
Daniel Kemsley02:04:07
Benjamin Maunder02:04:17
Sarah Brady02:26:21
Nicky Western02:26:36
Chloe Bell02:27:22

2022 - Standard (View full results)

Kieran Roche02:05:10
Daniel Kemsley02:09:10
Ben Wallace02:15:02
Lotte Wilms02:08:36
Shaneen Marshall02:24:31
Tess Aungles02:30:46

2021 - Standard (View full results)

Luke Schofield01:51:17
Jayden Schofield02:51:20
Josh Wooldridge01:53:03
Lisa Marangon02:12:51
Kristie Caplikas02:15:59
Aimee Carlin02:19:45

2020 - Standard (View full results)

Nathan Stewart02:00:23
Ryan Mason02:05:25
Gareth Butler02:07:56
Lisa Marangon02:09:55
Nicole Ward02:19:07
Megan Roberts02:21:24

2019 - Standard (View full results)

Paul Walton01:58:45
Jason Ream02:00:31
James Alexander02:02:13
Jacqui Schafer02:12:32
Claire Crennan02:16:30
Mathilde Batailler02:17:13

2018 - Standard (View full results)

Mitch Dean01:59:39
Mark Watson02:00:20
Tom Mort02:05:58
Chloe Hartnett02:19:22
Rachel Knellwolf02:22:33
Michelle Pepperall02:23:46

2017 - Standard (View full results)

Chris Huang02:05:54
Matt Lewis02:07:03
Nathan Miller02:07:43
Erin Doyle02:25:51
Kate Oconnor02:25:51
Rowan Sams02:28:24

2016 - Standard (View full results)

Mathew Pellow02:00:42
Jake Stollery02:02:51
Nathan Miller02:03:59
Julia Cook02:27:56
Isabell Beck02:29:33
Zoe Wilson02:33:29

2015 - Olympic (View full results)

Kieran Roche01:46:10
Fraser Walsh01:47:54
Jason Hall01:48:53
Catherine Ballantyne02:06:24
Edita Neubauerova02:08:00
Emma Just02:08:13

2014 - Olympic (View full results)

Shane Farrant02:01:15
Elliot Brown02:02:06
Alex Reithmeier02:02:13
Emma Jeffcoat02:16:24
Hannah Donaldson02:19:24
Tegan Davies02:19:45

2013 - Olympic (View full results)

Mitch Robins01:58:57
Justin Brewer02:00:44
Paul ODoherty02:01:25
Jessica Mitchell02:14:11
Suzanne Chandler02:17:20
Sarah Fletcher02:22:55

2012 - Olympic (View full results)

Kieran Roche02:01:14
Adam Toj Conquest02:02:55
Sam Douglas02:03:26
Caroline Sweeney02:16:34
Brooke Langereis02:19:19
Julie Uebel02:22:52

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Elite Energy
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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