Puffing Billy Great Train Race

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Date: 3 May 2020
Location: Belgrave, VIC
Distance/s: 13.5km
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Puffing Billy Great Train RaceThe Puffing Billy Great Train Race course follows 13.5km through the picturesque hills of the Dandenong Ranges.

Beginning just metres from the train station at Belgrave, runners test their fitness against the steam train as they race towards Emerald Lake Park. The railway line crosses the run course at several points, adding a unique and exciting element to this run.

The Great Train Race is organised by Puffing Billy Railway volunteers and all proceeds go towards the restoration of an NGG16 129 Garratt locomotive.


Nick Earl00:43:10
Craig Appleby00:43:42
Michael Marantelli00:43:49
Gemma Maini00:49:12
Erchana Murray-Bartlett00:51:03
Cassie Higham00:51:11
Craig Appleby00:43:37
Nick Earl00:44:04
Nathan Hartigan00:44:31
Tarli Bird00:49:01
Rebecca Rosel00:52:07
Sarah McKay00:52:08
Steve Kelly00:42:27
Craig Appleby00:43:42
Nick Earl00:44:43
Tarli Brid00:48:55
Gemma Maini00:49:54
Sarah Klein00:50:54
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