Q1 Stair Challenge

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Date: 28 February 2016
Location: Q1 Building, Surfers Paradise, QLD
Distance/s: 77 Floors
Website: Visit website

Q1 Stair ChallengeTake on one of the world's most iconic buildings by tackling 77 floors of staircases to the top of the Gold Coast's Q1 Building.

A serious challenge, the view from the top makes the sweat worth it! Get ready to run, walk or crawl your way up the flights of stairs.

This unique event is proud to be supporting Rosies - Friends on the Street. With over 2000 homeless people on the Gold Coast alone, each step you take on February 28 will help men and woman of our community.


Mark Bourne00:06:41
Adam Ryan00:07:36
Trent Lowry00:07:54
Alice McNamara00:08:17
Joanna Hills00:08:44
Brooke Logan00:08:53


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