RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride

This event has already taken place. Check back soon for an update.
Date: 28th Nov to 6th Dec, 2020
Location: Grampians, VIC
Distance/s: 3 to 9 days
Website: Visit website

RACV Great Victorian Bike RideExploring the roads around The Grampians region of Victoria, the 2020 RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride promises to be an extraordinary experience.

On the full nine day bike ride, you'll experience nine days of camping, ride 532kms and explore this beautiful part of Victoria with new and old friends.

The rolling bike festival pedals to a new town each day, setting up camp where we can soak up an afternoon and evening of entertainment and activities including live music, comedy, yoga, an outdoor cinema and much more!

Each year, seasoned campaigners and new riders come together to share three, five or nine days of camaraderie, camping and cycling through some of the most picturesque pockets of the country.

In 2020 you can choose from three ride options as we explore the Art Silos and the Grampians in Western Victoria.


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