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DATE: 24 Feb 2024
TYPE: Open Water Swim
LOCATION: Rottnest Island, WA
DISTANCE: 19.7km solo, duo and teams

The Rottnest Channel Swim is an ocean swim between Cottesloe Beach and Rottnest Island, internationally known for attracting some of the world's best open water swimmers.

Highly regarded worldwide and one of Western Australia’s iconic events, the Rottnest Channel Swim is a 19.7km open water swim from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island.

The Rottnest swim accepts solo swimmers, duo pairings or teams, accompanied by paddlers, boats and support crew. The fastest solo swimmers have been Mark Saliba in 2000 (4:00:15) and Tamara Bruce in 1993 (4:10:03).



2023 - Solo (View full results)

Bailey Armstrong03:48:14
Kyle Lee03:52:21
Byron Kimber03:54:12
Chloe Truscott04:14:31
Madisyn Armstrong04:18:04
Bianca Monaco04:19:55

2022 - Solo (View full results)

Kyle Lee04:05:19
Reilly Kennedy04:05:31
Max Coten04:16:17
Chloe Truscott04:42:43
Josie Page04:48:49
Rebekah Weller05:00:31

2021 - Solo (View full results)

Andrew Donaldson04:04:30
William Rollo04:10:59
Kyle Lee04:11:42
Chloe Truscott04:33:20
Josie Page04:41:06
Emily Miers04:45:50

2020 - Solo (View full results)

Lars Bottelier04:18:26
William Rollo04:22:16
Kyle Lee04:25:30
Zoe Whitfield04:48:09
Josie Page04:48:42
Jaime Bowler04:55:49

2019 - Solo (View full results)

Sam Sheppard04:11:22
Solomon Wright04:21:01
Kyle Lee04:25:11
Jamie Bowler04:44:41
Rebekah Weller04:48:26
Josie Page04:51:41

2018 - Solo (View full results)

Solomon Wright03:59:28
Bradley Smith04:08:51
Andrew Donaldson04:10:14
Heidi Gan04:21:55
Samantha Watts04:24:08
Josie Page04:25:13

2017 - Champions of the Channel (View full results)

Jarrod Poort04:12:21
Solomon Wright04:30:01
Bradley Smith04:35:34
Rebekah Weller04:52:03
Jaime Bowler04:55:14
Caitlyn James05:12:46

2016 - Solo (View full results)

Chris Guard04:48:57
Michael Buck04:50:11
Blair Day04:53:51
Georgina Kovacs04:57:27
Allison Hass05:11:00
Tahlia Jensen05:15:11

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