Special Forces Challenge - Canberra

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Date: 29 November 2015
Location: Freshford Equestrian Centre, ACT
Distance/s: 12.83km
Website: Visit website

Your mission, should you be tough enough to accept is like no other challenge on the planet. Your objective, decked out in full combat gear, is to complete a Special Forces Challenge spanning 12.83km.

It’s completely unique, which until now has never been attempted by civilians in this manner.

Each mission is designed for all levels of fitness… from the couch potato through to the fitness nut that eats iron bars for breakfast! Everyone can finish this mission, everyone does finish this mission.

Note – this is not a mud run or assault course. This is a genuine British Forces assessment. On arrival you’ll be issued combat clothing and sit through a realistic mission brief of the days objective. Next you’ll pick up a pack with your chosen weight of 5kg, 12kg or 20kg to suit your own fitness level and ability, then head out on a British Special Forces Challenge known in the military as a C.F.T. (Combat Fitness Test) Each part of the challenge is desi


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