Sri Chinmoy Yarra Trail Run

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DATE: 18 Feb 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Loys Paddock Reserve, Burnley, VIC
DISTANCE: Half Marathon, 14km and 7km

The Sri Chinmoy Yarra Trail Run offers a 14km or 7km fun run course alongside Melbourne's Yarra River.

The fun run is conducted on a scenic 7km circuit along the northern and recently refurbished southern banks of the Yarra River through Burnley and South Yarra, with electrolytes and water served every 2.5km along the course.

The 7km distance is for runners and walkers; the 14km and Half Marathon (21.1km) distances are for runners only.



2023 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Jonathan Tomkins01:14:56
David Eikelboom01:14:56
Paul Souter01:20:24
Lydia Palmieri01:31:57
Jessie Mayes01:34:40
Anna Carrig01:36:40

2020 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Simon Bevege01:08:20
Richard Johnston01:12:17
Liam Coughlan01:12:52
Julie-Ann Undrill01:23:43
Sarah Jayamaha01:30:56
Anna Ellis01:33:27

2018 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Stephen Barter01:15:35
Xavier Flynn01:22:42
Shane Mallia01:22:52
Anne-Maree Eastwood01:27:41
Sarah Jayamaha01:34:00
Susan Zebra01:34:23

2017 - 14km (View full results)

Brett Ellis00:47:21
Simon Leversha00:52:07
Hugh Gundlach00:52:59
Louise Shaw01:00:16
Michelle Levy01:00:43
Gemma Cox01:01:18

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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