Survival Run Australia

This event has already taken place. Check back soon for an update.
Date: 17 November 2017
Location: Colo Vale, New South Wales, NSW
Distance/s: 24hrs
Website: Visit website

Survival Run AustraliaSURVIVAL RUN™ is not an obstacle course race, an adventure race, or an ultra-marathon. It is an original combination of all of these. It is not a standard definition obstacle course race, with man-made mud, manufactured obstacles and gimmicky fire jumps. Survival Run is all about adapting to the environment and taking on challenges that are part of the historic indigenous culture and unique location where the event takes place.

That is why athletes must apply to participate. Only those who are truly prepared to take on these extreme challenges will be considered.

As with all of the BUCKLEY'S CHANCE races, SURVIVAL RUN is "unsupported" meaning, athletes will be called upon to carry all required hydration and nutrition themselves. If they run out of water or food they will need to source it from the natural environment, and ensure that it has been purified before consumption.

Do you have what it takes to Survive?


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