Swimland Great Australia Day Swim

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Date: 26 January 2018
Location: Middle Brighton Pier, Brighton, VIC
Distance/s: 2.5km, 1.4km, 650m & Juniors
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Swimland Great Australia Day SwimThe Swimland Great Australia Day Swim is a 2.5km, 1.4km, 650m or 300m open water swim held at Middle Brighton Pier on Australia Day.

The 2.5km and 1.4km events take swimmers around the Middle Brighton pier and breakwater, the 650 m intermediate swim travels from the marina to the beach and a 200/300 m Junior Dash for 8-12 YO Juniors.

1400m Open Water Swim – a clockwise course around the Middle Brighton pier and breakwater from the pier to the Finish gate on the beach
2.5km Open Water Swim – a more challenging course around a marked circuit, finishing around the breakwater to the beach
650m Intermediate Swim – a shorter course from the Northern end of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club marina to the beach
Swimland Junior Dash – a 300 m swim from the landing on the Middle Brighton Pier to the beach for 10-12 YO’s, and a shorter course for 8 and 9 YO’s.


2018 - 2.5km

Michael Garbelotto00:32:33
Noah Millard00:32:35
Nigel Fanning00:33:25
Alexandra Paterson00:33:14
Hannah Schmidt00:35:12
Mia Foster00:35:13

2017 - 2.5km

Trent Grimsey00:29:33
Dean Wilson00:30:07
Ben Putamorsi00:31:26
Rebecca Henderson00:34:17
Kate Murphy00:34:21
Meegan Hoare00:34:38
Sam Sheppard01:02:45
Dean Wilson01:03:06
Adam Wildes01:09:24
Alexandra Brown01:11:25
Rebecca Henderson01:14:13
Hannah Nielebock01:17:06
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