SwimRun Australia

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Date: 18 April 2020
Location: Rose Bay, NSW
Distance/s: 17.3km
Website: Visit website

SwimRun AustraliaSwimRun Australia is Australia’s official SwimRun event featuring a challenging course including stunning views of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

SwimRun Australia is a challenging event where teams of two work their way along a course, alternating between swimming and running. The course will take teams from Lyne Park, Rose Bay to Hornby Lighthouse, Watsons Bay and back.

SwimRun Australia crosses ocean, paths, beaches, trails and challenging entry and exit points - be prepared for adventure!

The total distance of the race is just over 17 kilometres, including a mix of swimming and running.


Dean Degan - Andrew Cross01:50:46
Brendan Krone - Alex Thorpe01:54:16
Hamish McMaster - Henry Meagher01:55:17
Saorla Finucane - Greta Truscott02:05:52
Alana Leabeater - Ellen Leabeater02:10:33
Rebecca Waugh - Renee Gibbs02:11:37
Dean Degan & Andrew Cross01:53:16
Alexander Thorpe & Brendan Krone01:54:35
Owain Matthews & Saxon Moseley01:54:42
Beth Stewart & Kate Shedden02:13:24
Phillippa Batchelor & Eloise Starr02:19:23
Clare Webber & Alex Barnes02:20:21
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