Traralgon Marathon

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Date: 14 June 2020
Location: Traralgon Recreation Reserve, Whittakers Road, Traralgon, VIC
Distance/s: 42.2km, 21.1km & 10km
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Traralgon MarathonThe Traralgon Marathon is Australia's oldest marathon and features a marathon, half marathon and 10km events.

The Traralgon Marathon is the oldest current marathon in Australia and was first run on 24 August in 1968. The race was an all male affair and was won by Barry Sawyer in 2:26:53.

Beginning in Traralgon at the Traralgon Recreation Reserve (aka Traralgon Football Ground), the marathon course heads north through Victory Park and some of the traditional streets in Traralgon, then incorporates the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail on the which take you to the turn around point at Toongabbie. Enjoy the serenity of farms and bush and a very well maintained surface on the rail trail. The rail trail was incorporated at the request of participants to reduce the interaction with traffic on the open road. The new course includes a number of excellent areas where supporters can cheer you on. There are some straight stretches and a short, but challenging, rise with several kilometres remaining.

Well known runners have made appearances at Traralgon, with boxer Johnny Famechon, ultramarathon legend Cliff Young and former world marathon record holder Derek Clayton, all toeing the start line in the past. Clayton continues to hold the Traralgon Marathon race record with his 2:13:39 run from 1970 still atop the record book.


2019 - Marathon

John Dutton02:34:42
Zackary Beasley02:52:54
Tristan Harradine02:54:01
Rebecca Dale03:27:53
Cornelia Schroeder03:36:58
Sherrie Lumley03:39:30

2018 - Marathon

James Vince02:42:37
Mark Rowe02:43:00
Peter Cutler02:43:19
Charlotte Wildblood03:25:19
Kayla Gallert03:26:46
Sarah Franks03:28:23

2017 - Marathon

Ryan Wissmer02:33:46
Steven Williams02:45:24
Peter Cutler02:47:04
Kylie-Anne Richards03:17:18
Heahheah Heah03:21:36
Holly Hunter03:27:33

2016 - Marathon

James Vince02:50:11
Joel Claxton02:52:09
Kevin Mannix02:58:47
Sarah Franks03:21:55
Katherine MacMillan03:24:20
Tessa Hinds03:34:01

2015 - Marathon

Dion Finocchiaro02:31:19
Ash Watson02:37:50
Jeremy Thorne02:41:12
Katherine Macmillan03:17:25
Kerri Comer03:47:15
Bernie Larsen03:47:15
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