Two Bays Trail Run

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Date: 17 January 2021
Location: Cape Schanck, VIC
Distance/s: 28km & 56km
Website: Visit website

Two Bays Trail RunThe Two Bays Trail Run follows the trail crossing Victoria's Mornington Peninsula between Dromana and Cape Schanck. The trail covers a diverse range of landscapes, including a steep rise from sea level to an elevation of more than 1,000 feet at the top of Arthur's Seat.

The 56km event begins in Cape Schanck and follows the trail north across the Mornington Peninsula to Dromana, before turning around and running back to Cape Schanck, where stunning views of the coastline can be enjoyed (if you look up from the trail!).

The 28km event begins in Dromana and from sea level, climbs up and over Arthur's Seat before scaling the Mornington Peninsula's countryside towards Cape Schanck.

Qualification criteria apply to all entrants, so please check the event website for qualifying requirements.

The 2021 event has a fallback date of Sunday 24th January in the event of a Code Red fire warning.


Ash Watson04:00:34
Ross Hopkins04:38:38
Zackery Beasley04:46:56
Stephanie Auston04:37:29
Crystal Lyons05:44:38
Christine Hopkins05:47:28
Majell Backhausen04:15:56
Ashley Bennett04:30:27
Kay Bretz04:36:55
Lucy Bartholomew04:33:58
Tash Fraser04:49:14
Amelia Griffith05:10:15
Francesco Ciancio04:09:07
Ashley Hoffmann04:24:02
Luke Preston04:25:22
Natasha Fraser04:42:06
Kellie Emmerson04:52:39
Sarah Jalim04:58:09
Ralph Street01:51:09
Peter Hallgren01:52:39
Magnus Michelsson01:54:59
Lauren Morrison02:09:08
Natasha Key02:16:35
Wendy Mcalpine02:20:00
Dion Finocchiaro04:06:36
Francesco Ciancio04:17:06
Brendan Davies04:19:14
Kirstin Bull04:53:15
Natasha Fraser04:58:11
Kylee Woods05:26:14
Vajin Armstrong04:13:32
Magnus Michelsson04:16:25
Rob Walter04:17:12
Kirstin Bull04:56:53
Natasha Fraser05:02:24
Kellie Emmerson05:09:15
Campbell Maffett01:54:59
Andrew Bagnall01:59:37
Chris Wight02:03:09
Bronwyn Humphrys02:05:20
Rebecca Rosel02:08:28
Lucie Hardiman02:13:58
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