Ultimate Husky

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Date: 18 February 2018
Location: Huskisson, NSW
Distance/s: Long Course
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Ultimate HuskyThe “Big Husky” Triathlon Festival has grown to become one of Australia’s most loved of the ‘Long Course’ events. 2017 marks 12 years of Big Husky excitement and will see athletes compete for the opportunity to be titled Ultimate Australia Champion in their respective categories in the Ultimate Australian Championship.

Huskisson is well known for its mesmerising white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters, this beautiful little beach side town on the NSW South Coast is just a scenic 3 hour drive from Sydney. The laid back small town atmosphere is perfect for a family holiday with a multitude of activities for the kids and a number of great restaurants and cafes for the big kids.


Kieran Roche03:49:13
Michael Fox03:52:51
Alex Reithmeier03:57:38
Jane Fardell04:25:38
Holly Khan04:30:28
Moya Johansson04:35:47

2017 - Long Course

Craig Alexander03:41:43
Michael Fox03:43:54
Kieran Roche03:45:38
Laura Dennis04:28:44
Jennifer Davis04:31:35
Hannah Donaldson04:32:12

2016 - Long course

Craig Alexander03:39:45
Pete Jacobs03:41:11
Brad Kahlefeldt03:44:06
Mel Hauschildt04:04:24
Radka Vodickova04:09:36
Michelle Bremer04:11:50

2015 - Long course

Sam Appleton03:30:40
Alex Reithmeier03:36:51
Lindsey Wall03:38:21
Michelle Wu04:07:14
Jessica Mitchell04:08:47
Andrea Forrest04:09:40

2014 - Long course

Pete Jacobs03:34:58
Tim Reed03:36:24
Sam Appleton03:39:26
Liz Blatchford04:07:19
Lisa Marangon04:08:51
Carrie Lester04:12:28

2013 - Long course

Tim Reed03:35:57
Sam Appleton03:36:59
Ben Allen03:38:27
Liz Blatchford04:03:25
Lisa Marangon04:07:30
Michelle Wu04:10:53
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