Up The Buff Trail Race

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Date: 20 March 2016
Location: Currumbin Valley, QLD
Distance/s: 25km, 16km and Kids run
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Up The Buff Trail RaceThe Up The Buff Trail Race is a trail run with 25km, 16km and Kids options, taking runners through epic trails in Currumbin Valley.

The 25km Up The Buff Trail Race is a challenging run along fun trails, with epic views, and the people on course - volunteers and other runners - are all out there for a good time.

If the 25km seems a bit too much, then the 16km Up The Buff Trail Race might be more your thing. It's still challenging with a few hills, but you miss the delightfully frightening Strawberry Hill, which you might be thankful for.

There's no time limit on the 16km either - so there's no pressure to run fast (unless you're running with friends and there's pride at stake!).

Bring the family along and take part in the FREE Kids Dash for Duchenne. Up The Buff Trail Race is supporting the Aidan Richardson Trust (ART) - Aidan is fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - and what better way to draw attention to a muscle-destroying disease that affects kids than by getting kids moving.


James Kelly02:03:46
Tom Brimelow02:03:50
Brad Beer02:04:57
Lucy Shewell02:19:48
Britt Caling02:21:42
Amanda Kyneur02:28:10


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