Upper Beaconsfield Tower Fun Run/Walk

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Date: 18 February 2018
Location: Upper Beaconsfield, VIC
Distance/s: 6.5km
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Upper Beaconsfield Tower Fun Run/WalkThe Upper Beaconsfield Tower Run/Walk first started in 1997 and today it is an undulating to hilly course of about 6.5 kms around the streets and tracks of Upper Beaconsfield.

The run/walk course takes participants from the Community Centre (Bell Tower) to the Water Tower and back along the return journey to the Community Centre.

This fun run is part of the Annual Upper Beaconsfield Village Festival featuring stalls, shows, food, entertainment and activities for the whole family.


Ashley Bennett00:50:20
Joel Pritchard01:01:44
Shane Norman01:04:02
Lauren Stannard01:07:38
Hayley Sillekens01:08:15
Kristina Clappison01:09:28
Peter Dutton00:23:54
Graham Bergroth00:25:25
Lachlan Auhl00:25:35
Sam Prime00:26:31
Tanya Craig00:30:20
Jo Pratt00:30:49
Ashley Bennett00:24:15
Graham Bergroth00:25:31
Shane Fielding00:25:43
June Petrie00:29:50
Emilie Barkley00:31:21
Tiffany Nanfra00:32:10
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