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DATE: 10 Mar 2024
TYPE: Triathlon
LOCATION: Warland Reserve, Victor Harbor, SA
DISTANCE: 2/80/18, 1500/40/10 and shorter options

In 2023 the Victor Harbor Triathlon features a long course triathlon for the first time, with a 2km swim, 80km ride and 18km run. 

In addition, the 1.5/40/10 Olympic distance triathlon will be held along with shorter options for novice triathletes. The standard distance triathlon has been taking place since 1993 and is known for being a safe and challenging course with a fair share of undulations along the way.

The kids triathlon on a brand new fully closed course and 5km ON Bolt events will take place the day prior (Saturday 11th March).



Dylan Matsen02:16:26
Lawson Nitschke02:21:52
Stephen Plummer02:28:03
Verity Pietsch02:42:51
Kirsty Blewit02:49:15
Danielle Walsh02:50:39

2023 - 2/80/18 (View full results)

Steven McKenna03:36:03
Tim Van Berkel03:38:05
James Hammond03:49:56
Katelyn Nicholson04:29:56
Skye Wallace04:35:04
Alex Carter04:40:33

2022 - Olympic (View full results)

Callum McClusky01:54:09
James Hammond01:55:16
Christopher Wilkinson01:57:51
Sarah Crowley02:06:35
Paige Cranage02:12:02
Elise Wells02:18:41

2021 - Olympic (View full results)

Steven McKenna01:50:41
Patrick Goodwin01:55:51
Mitchell Reinhard01:55:58
Paige Cranage02:15:41
Emily Steven02:17:47
Claire Fenoughty02:18:08

2020 - Olympic (View full results)

Sam Tebeck01:55:41
James Hammond01:57:34
Samuel Beveridge01:59:08
Chloe Lane02:09:43
Sarah Short02:14:38
Elizabeth Young02:17:08

2019 - Olympic (View full results)

Steven McKenna01:53:52
Sam Tierney01:57:13
Samuel Tebeck01:59:59
Amber Pate02:11:46
Fern Davies02:18:58
Sarah Short02:20:29

2018 - Olympic (View full results)

Steve McKenna01:52:33
Jack Tierney01:53:06
Sam Tebeck01:54:07
Amber Pate02:10:45
Erin Snelgrove02:13:32
Catherine Allison02:16:40

2017 - Olympic (View full results)

Steve McKenna01:55:12
Tim Rea01:58:29
Sam Tierney01:58:54
Catherine Allison02:14:35
Hailey Mason02:18:23
Jen Sturm02:23:16

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ORGANISER: Pushing Limits Events
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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