Warriewood-Mona Vale Ocean Swim

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Date: 21 January 2018
Location: Warriewood Beach, Warriewood, NSW
Distance/s: 1.6km
Website: Visit website

Warriewood-Mona Vale Ocean SwimThe Warriewood-Mona Vale Ocean Swim is a 1.6km open water swim from Warriewood to Mona Vale.

Swimmers should park at Mona Vale and catch the free shuttle over to Warriewood, or park near the start at Warriewood and wander back following the swim.

Mona Vale Surf Lifesaving Club have initiated a co-swimmer concept this year - presenting an opportunity for experienced swimmers to partner with novice swimmers and escort them through the swim. A fantastic way for novices to learn the ropes and for experienced swimmers to share their knowledge.

The Warriewood-Mona Vale Ocean Swim is also known as the Don Jenkin Memorial Swim.


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