Warrnambool Sufferfest

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Date: 15 April 2018
Location: Warrnambool, VIC
Distance/s: 1.9/90.1/21.1 + shorter options
Website: Visit website

Warrnambool SufferfestThe Warrnambool Sufferfest Multisport Festival is a two day weekend of triathlon and running events in Warrnambool.

The Warrnambool Foreshore is a fantastic place for a triathlon and the long course event provides an opportunity for athletes training for Ironman races around Australia.

There are distance options for all triathletes, and the festival makes for an exciting, fun filled weekend away for the whole family.


2017 - Sufferfest

Levi Maxwell04:07:59
Jacob Riley04:23:33
Eduardo Sturla04:23:54
Catherine Allison04:40:24
Zoe Adams04:47:31
Linda Solly05:33:41

2017 - Olyfest

Stephane Vander Bruggen02:13:48
Ricky Leyonhjelm02:14:58
Robert Solly02:29:35
Claire Davis02:28:29
Brittany Campbell02:39:17
Jillian McKenzie02:49:24
Tom Rodgers03:36:39
Levi Maxwell03:38:26
Fraser Walsh03:39:40
Catherine Allison04:23:17
Shari Livingston04:23:43
Sarah Hughes04:34:38
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