Wentworth Falls Trail Run

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Date: 18 February 2018
Location: Wilson Park, Wentworth Falls, NSW
Distance/s: 16km or 13km
Website: Visit website

Wentworth Falls Trail RunThe Running Wild NSW Wentworth Falls Trail Run is a 16km or 13km off-road run starting at Wilson Park in Wentworth Falls.

Participants will negotiate numerous trails in and around the Wentworth Falls area, including mainly single track trail and lots of stairs.

Runners will be rewarded with some of the most magnificent views of the Blue Mountains NP including views of the various waterfalls and the iconic Mt. Solitary.


Brendan Davies01:18:33
Wes Gibson01:19:09
Ewan Horsburgh01:20:37
Jasmine Sargeant01:27:39
Jodie Earl01:37:28
Rochelle Tregear01:37:31
Wes Gibson01:23:40
Jaymz Hingert01:25:57
Marc Person01:26:15
Meg Reeves01:32:50
Saskia Grootemaat01:37:35
Rochelle Tregear01:42:09
Brendan Davies01:24:54
Grant Denmeade01:25:52
Ewan Horsburgh01:29:59
Jo Brischetto01:33:45
Louise Clifton01:41:39
Heather Vrachliotis01:43:17
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